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Fall Floral

Fall is such a beautiful time of year…especially for weddings! Fall weddings have so many rich colors to work with when choosing their flowers. Floral can truly make or break the look and feel of a wedding. Choosing a great florist is step one in making your wedding vision come to life! Pinterest these days can give you some fantastic ideas…but the florist you choose can take those Pinterest ideas and make them even better. They know what flowers are in bloom and they know how to combine your colors in the perfect combination. Choosing a florist can be overwhelming (just like many vendors are) when you have SO many to choose from. Dallas has some great options. Hiring a wedding planner can really help narrow down your florists for you in regards to budget and the “design” you are going for!

We wanted to help the fall Brides out there a little bit before choosing their floral.

21 PARC is an outstanding florist located in the Design District of Dallas (just around the corner from our MK studio). We asked one of their florists his opinion on the biggest mistake a Bride can make when choosing her fall floral…

“When brides select time of year to wed they should keep in mind what their favorite flowers are and if they are in season. The “go to” for the majority of brides for their bouquets is Peonies, which end their blooming season around the first of September. Now for fall….the biggest mistake brides make for fall is not taking advantage of FALL blooming flowers. It can be one of the most glorious times of the year to have a wedding and take advantage of all the rich colors. Majority of brides keep Ceremony and Wedding Party to a more neutral color pallet, but that is where brides are missing the mark. Brides, take advantage of FALL FLORAL VARITIES! One of my favorites is Large Chrysanthemums in Bronze, Yellow or White. The growing season is short so I always pre-book my quantities. The most magnificent branches with berries and fall foliage are not to be missed in fall. Thistle is a great accent for Groom/Best Man/Groomsman/Boutonnieres.” –John Holstead, 21 PARC

This is a beautiful bouquet designed by 21 PARC for a fall wedding:

Brides…listen to your florist! They know what they are doing…trust me! They are fabulous!

So fall brides…bring out the color! Your florist will be excited to work with your colors and your pictures will be jaw dropping.

Examples of floral mentioned by John Holstead:


-Branches with Berries

-Branches with Fall Foliage

-Thistle accent Boutonnieres

-Peony Bouquet (blooming season ENDS beginning of September)

Spotlight Florist Information:

John Holstead


2147 Farrington St.

Dallas, Texas 75205


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