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The Dress

Dress shopping is definitely one of the best parts of wedding planning!

We wanted to share some of the gorgeous dress pictures from past MK Brides to give a little inspiration to those still looking for "The Dress".

From the full dress shots, to the detail shots...the photographers do an amazing job capturing the uniqueness of each dress.

"On her wedding day a woman should be certain that she has found a dress that makes her feel confident and above all else, beautiful." Carolina Herrera

"Just go in and try things on...things you may even think I would never wear that. Give yourself that freedom." Vera Wang

BluDoor Studios

Liesl Claire

Lauren Renae

Elisabeth Carol

Christy Archibald

Braden Harris

Blackall Photography

Kylie Crump

Kylie Crump

Kylie Crump

Cameron Slanina

Megan Kay

Nicole Berrett

Nicole Berrett

Ashley Monogue

Magg Shots

The Tarnos

Swan Photography

Karis Cress

Deven Ashley

Derrick Tribbey

Creative Shotz

Jacqui Cole

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