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The Bridal Portrait

Bridal Portraits have been a tradition for a long time. A lot of brides go back and forth on if they want to take them. Here are a few reasons why we think you should:

1. Use your portrait session as a test run

Bridal portraits are a great way to test our your entire wedding day look. Many hair & make up artists will do trial can schedule your trial run for the day of your bridal portraits. You can also see your wedding dress, shoes, veil, accessories, etc. all together. This will allow you to make some tweaks if you want to for your wedding day! A lot of brides also purchase a portrait bouquet from their florist! It is always fun to see your bouquet and make sure it is exactly what you want. Taking bridals also allows you to try on your dress and really see how your alterations are holding up. Sometimes you will find there are still a few areas you would like to be altered before your wedding day. It is a relief to figure that before the day of!

2. More time

Your photographer will obviously take some amazing pictures of you on your wedding day...but having a bridal portrait session as well allows for more time. The wedding day schedule is pretty tight and there is a lot going might not always get the pictures you really wanted. The bridal portrait session is dedicated to ONLY you! You can really take your time and get everything you want. Posing in your wedding dress and getting a feel for everything will also help you feel more comfortable on your wedding day.

3. Different locations

Your venue will be the backdrop for your wedding obviously love it and feel as though it is perfect for your pictures & memories, but a bridal portrait session allows you to add more locations! You can take them anywhere. If your wedding takes place in the middle of downtown Dallas...maybe you want to take your bridal portraits at the Dallas Arboretum or White Rock Lake. You can take your bridals at your venue as well...the day of the wedding there will be vendors and guests everywhere so you can't take full advantage of your venue. Your portrait session will allow you to use your venue how you want without any distractions!

4. Creativity + Personality

Your bridal portrait session can be a lot of fun and REALLY show your personality! A lot of brides bring their furry friends, some use props like antique couches, others show their love for sports, nature, etc. This is a great way to show who you are and what you love.

5. Great Keepsake/Gift

Many brides display their bridal portrait at the reception. Everyone loves to take a closer look at the bride before she enters the reception. It really shows what your look is and what your vision was for your wedding day. Framed bridal portraits are also a great gift for grandparents and parents the weekend of the wedding!

6. Working with your photographer

Bridal portrait sessions give you a lot of quality time with your photographer. You can spend more time together and feel more comfortable with each other. The more comfortable you are with your photographer the better. You can take through how to pose, what facial expressions work best, etc. This will be really helpful the day of the wedding. If the photographers learned during your bridal session that you don't like certain angles photographed or you are uncomfortable in certain positions....they can avoid those the day of your wedding!

Here are some amazing bridal portraits from our MK brides:

Photographers: Derrick Tribbey Photography, Rachel Whyte Photography, Kylie Crump Photography, Jacqui Cole Photography, Creative Shotz Photography

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