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Rain or Shine

Outdoor weddings can be absolutely gorgeous. The sun shining down, the beautiful aisle with fresh flowers, the clean summer air…but what happens when your wedding day approaches and the rain is coming down?

Obviously, we have had our fair share of rain here in Texas the past couple months. Many outdoor weddings had to come up with a last minute Plan B for the rain. As planners, we want to make sure there is a Plan B in place from the very beginning. Once you have chosen an outside ceremony and/or reception, a Plan B should be in place immediately. We can only count on meteorologists so much; we are taking their word for predicting the future. We do not want to gamble in such a way for your wedding. When your wedding is getting closer, there are many details that need to be covered. There is no need to stress out about a Plan B two weeks before your wedding. Hiring a good planner can save you from that stress because a Plan B will already have been set in place with the venue. This makes rain a nonissue!

Talking with your venue and making sure they have a solid Plan B in place is essential. You want to make sure you know EXACTLY what your wedding day will look like in rain or shine.

You want to make sure to keep in mind your other vendors as well. Talk to your photographer, videographer, florists and anyone else that might have to come up with an alterative if rain does come your way. As long as all your vendors are on the same page, your wedding day will be flawless, even with rain.

There are many options for Plan B. You want to make sure and talk to your planner in order to explore every option available.

A few little things to keep in mind for your outdoor wedding Plan B:

  • How will guests get to and from their cars? From ceremony to reception?

  • Examples: Umbrellas, Covered walkway, Change drop-off/pick-up location for valet

  • Get quotes from tent rental companies.

  • Many rental companies cannot accommodate on a few days notice. Think ahead!

  • Make sure to quote for the RIGHT SIZED tent. Not too big. Not too small.

  • Dance Floors

  • If there has been rain for a few days (or months!) remember that the ground can be very wet. If you are renting a dance floor, talk to your rental company and make sure they can deliver in those circumstances.

  • Band/DJ

  • Make sure your entertainment knows how to entertain over the sound of rain! You don’t want the rain to affect your music.

  • Room Flips

  • Make sure to ask your venue how long this takes. You want to be prepared during cocktail hour while they are flipping the reception hall.

  • Texas rain + Mosquitos = NO GOOD!

  • If your reception is outside and there has been rain for the past few days, consider getting from mosquito repelling torches or candles in order to keep you and your guests from getting attacked all night but the little guys.

  • Choice of Wedding Shoes

  • We all know the perfect wedding shoes normally are not made for walking on soggy wet grass. Make sure to think ahead and have a back up pair of shoes for your outdoor ceremony! It can be hard enough to walk in a huge dress…make sure your shoes will help out a little!

Outdoor weddings might take a little more planning and patience…but we all know they are worth it!

Oh, and lets be honest...rain pictures are so adorable!

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