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A Look Into Our Studio!

Having a great work area is essential. We love decorating our office with things we love! Working in an environment that we love allows us to be relaxed, creative and assertive all day. No boring colors...we love golds, pinks, polka dots, Texas (duh) and all things WEDDING!!

We want to make sure our clients come into a welcoming environment that allows them to feel at home. No books to look through, no overwhleming choices to make...just a creative conversation. We love having a space that really shows our clients who we are and what we love.

Our studio is open for complimentary consultations! All you have to do is shoot us a quick email: so we can set up a time for you to come see our home away from home.

If you ever see any cute gold & pink items at the store...let us know ;) We always love adding new inspirational items to our office space!

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