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Dos & Don'ts for Outdoor Entertaining

It is almost JULY! This summer has gone by so fast. Since the 4th of July is coming around quickly, we wanted to give you a few tips for outdoor entertaining.


  • Clean up your outdoor entertaining space!

  • Just because you are outside doesn’t mean you don’t need to tidy up! Sweep off your patio, clean your grill, wipe off any outdoor tables & chairs, etc.

  • Decorate

  • Adding some fresh floral or outdoor lighting can make your backyard look amazing

  • Consider a Plan B

  • Texas weather is unpredictable. So make sure you have a back-up plan in case of rain! Move some furniture around, add some more chairs, and make sure your guests will be comfortable indoors.

  • Entertain the Kids

  • Stock your pool with awesome toys, get some sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water guns…all the fun essentials to keep kids entertained.

  • Provide the essential outdoor necessities

  • Bug Spray & Sunscreen are a must have. Place them out in a basket for your guests to use at their convenience.

  • Using “Off” products such as, candles, lanterns, sprayers, etc. come in handy when the mosquitoes are out.

  • Have food covers

  • If you are serving all your food outside…make sure to have food covers so you don’t have flies everywhere. You can get some good cheap ones at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Amazon.

  • Keep your drinks cold

  • Using a wheelbarrow is always a fun way to keep drinks cold! You can use blow up pools, buckets, floating coolers for the pool, or normal coolers work as well! (:

  • Incorporate Games

  • If you are having a longer party, setting up Ladder Golf, Horseshoes, Volleyball net, etc. can keep your guests busy!

  • Great website for outdoor games:

  • Enjoy your party

  • Don’t forget to sit down and actually enjoy your guests. Get everything together before hand so you can relax while your guests are there.


  • Forget to Stock Up!

  • Make sure you have enough toilet paper, paper towels, towels (if swimming is involved), hand soap, etc.

  • Once your party gets going, the last thing you want to do is be running through the house looking for essentials.

  • Pick the hottest time of day

  • Don’t make your outdoor event start when the sun is at it’s strongest. Texas heat can be miserable. Have your event start later in the afternoon/early evening so that everyone is more comfortable outside.

  • Send a mass email

  • Make it more personal. Simple invitations are so much more personal than a massive email. (We would love to assit you with your invitations!) Make sure to let your guests know it is an outdoor party….this allows your guests to dress appropriately. No one wants their stilletos to be sinking in the grass.

  • Leave the music out

  • Music can make your event more enjoyable! Just having some light music playing in the background can change the mood of your event.

  • Under estimate the amount of food

  • It is always better to overestimate and have leftovers. You don’t want to run out of food. Everyone loves leftovers.

  • Offer one beverage

  • Not everyone loves beer. Make sure you have sodas, water, juice for kids, summer wines, maybe a few signature drinks in nice drink dispensers. You want all your guests to find something they like.

  • Skip the seating

  • ​Make sure you have enough seating for your guests. No one wants to be hot and standing around all night. Add some extra fold-out tables with some nice table cloths. Your guests will appreciate it. (Add an umbrella for some extra shade too!)

  • Work the entire time

  • Sit down, relax, and enjoy your guests. Don’t be in the kitchen the whole time or running around trying to get things together. Allow yourself enough time to prepare so you can be ready whenever your guests arrive.

  • Forget that you can hire a planner for a social event

  • We have all seen the hostess running around taking care of last minute things which doesn't allow her to enjoy the event herself. We can either help you from the very beginning or just serve as a day of coordinator. Email to receive a custom quote for your next social event!

Here are some pictures from an outdoor summer 40th birthday party:

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