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How to Guarantee a Successful Bachelorette Party

The first and most important thing you need to do is pick a could be someone's house, somewhere you have never been, a spa, another country, or one of your favorite places to travel to! These are some of our favorite bachelorette party destinations...

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

You are always guaranteed to have a good time in NOLA! Make sure you book a charming and elegant hotel (I love The Monteleone), walk around the French Quarter and have Beignets at Cafe Du Monde, make a reservation at one of New Orleans famous restaurants, and have the time of your life on Bourbon Street!

2. Napa, California

If you have never been to Napa, then a bachelorette party is the perfect excuse to go! It's pretty hard to beat vineyard hopping for the weekend!

3. Fredericksburg, Texas

So maybe it's not Napa, but it is pretty dang close! On top of the great vineyards, there are adorable shops, delicious restaurants, and relaxing spas!

4. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is the perfect mix of tropical air and southern hospitality! You can layout on the beach during the day, enjoy happy hour while admiring the gorgeous sunset, go to dinner at a restaurant that serves southern cuisine, and end the night bar hopping in Downtown Charleston.

5. Favorite Spa

If your idea of a bachelorette party is ultimate relaxation, then pick one of your favorite spas and head there for the weekend with your girls! Who says you can't have fun and relax at the same time!

6. Downtown Dallas

Dallas has so much to offer from amazing shopping, rooftop pools, breweries, spas, food truck parks, live entertainment, museums, fun nightlife, and a huge assortment of delicious restaurants to choose from!

7. The Lake

If you are more of an outdoorsy girl, then renting a lake house and a boat for the weekend is going to be right up your alley! If you're wanting to get in the water (which you probably are) then this probably wouldn't be a good choice in the winter months!

8. One of the bridesmaid's houses

This is a great option if you're wanting to have a more cost effective bachelorette party and aren't interested in going to a hotel for the weekend. We like to call this a "grown up slumber party"! All you need in wine, pizza, pajamas, a nail polish bar, chick flicks, fun gold banners and balloons, champagne, cookies, and your best girl friends!

9. Austin, Texas

Austin has become a top choice for bachelorette parties because it is in such a prime location. You can spend the day floating down the Guadalupe River then end your day with live music on the rowdy 6th Street! Don't forget to have some yummy Mexican food and margaritas, too!

10. All-Inclusive Resort in Mexico

If you and your girls are looking for an excuse to splurge then you can never go wrong with an all-inclusive beach resort in Mexico!

The next thing you need to do is put together a list of everyone invited, mail out invitations (we can help you with that hint hint), purchase fun accessories for the weekend, stock up on alcohol and snacks, and prepare yourself for the weekend of a lifetime!

[photo credit: pinterest]

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