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Bachelorette Finale Recap

I still can't believe that Season 11 of The Bachelorette is over! And I still can't believe that she sent home Ben Z. and Ben H....she must not have been thinking clearly because they are both such a catch! Anyway, I was #teamshawn but I honestly had no idea who Kaitlyn was going to actually pick. I think I was in denial too because I didn't want her to pick Nick. Of course she was the "most controversial Bachelorette yet" so there was obviously going to be some drama. Now lets get in to the exciting stuff...aka my Bachelorette Finale highlights!


-First of all, why was the couch so low to the ground? That just made the already awkward situation so much more awkward and uncomfortable!

-Kaitlyn's mom was clearly not a fan of Nick since she called him possessive and jealous.

-Kaitlyn danced around telling her family that she slept with Nick...not an awkward situation at all (sorry for overusing "awkward", but that is the best way to describe the majority of things that happen on this show).

-Then Kaitlyn's mom proceeds to basically talk about her daughter's sex life with Nick and Nick thinks it's a good time to ask for her daughter's hand in marriage.

-But honestly, I think that Nick actually did a pretty good with her family but his outfit choice needed a little help.


-His mom obviously raised him right because he showed up with flowers instead of showing up open handed!

-Kaitlyn's sister straight up said that she was Team Shawn.

-On that note, it was obvious that Shawn was the families favorite!

-Kaitlyn's mom decided that it would be a good idea to tell Shawn about her "intimacy" talk with Nick.

-Shawn specifically asked her birth mom and her birth father for their daughters hand in marriage instead of asking the step parents, too.


-Both dates actually looked pretty boring.

-Shawn's gift won hands down over Nicks!


-Kaitlyn wakes up looking flawless #youdidntwakeuplookinglikethat

-I love that Shawn was just casually walking around brought back memories from Sean's shirtless season!

-We all know that Kaitlyn is tiny, but the dress she wore was just not very flattering on her, although it was absolutely gorgeous!

-The rings were obviously both gorgeous but Shawn's pick definitely won...holy moly that thing is huge! I don't think I would ever get anything done because I would just stare at it all day!


-Uhhh...since when does the proposal happen at the Bachelorette Mansion instead of in some amazing exotic place? #budgetcuts

-Even though Nick got out of the limo first (which normally means that their going home), I still wasn't confident that she was sending him home.

-Even though I wasn't a big fan of Nicks, I instantly felt so sorry for him. I wish she would have stopped him before he out the ring.

-Then I didn't feel so sorry for him anymore...the dramatic throwing of the Neil Lane ring (who throws a Neil Lane ring????) and the friendship ring in the limo was a little much...he should have thrown his terrible looking bracelets instead!

-I don't know how someone can go from sending someone home and stopping them from proposing to being so happy so quickly!

-Shawn's little spiel was very sincere and sweet (surprise surprise)!

-But I really do hope that they actually love each other and that they last because they will have some gorgeous piercing blue eyed babies!

It's so sad to see another Bachelorette Season come and go....but good thing Bachelor in Paradise (and all of it's drama) is starting on Monday!

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