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Current Favorite Things, Part Two

I definitely have a few favorite things that never change…but then again I find myself finding new exciting things to add to my list daily! So here are my top favorite things recently:

1. My Engagement Ring

Even working in the wedding industry…I get very giddy talking about anything relating to love & weddings…even my own man & wedding! We got engaged in May while we were on vacation in Cancun…& even now, 3 months later, I still catch myself staring at my ring pretty much all the time! My fiancé is incredible and I am very lucky he chose me to be his always & forever! (:

2. Volcano Candles

I promise this is the most amazing candle there is…this candle is the perfect scent (not too sweet, not too overwhelming, not too fruity). Even after using this candle a million times…the scent never becomes dull. This candle scent will fill the largest rooms! (Scentsy Products are definitely my next choice!)

3. Tieks by Gavrieli

These flats are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. They are made from the best Italian leather! They are designed to fold up and fit into your purse so that you can bring them along when you decide to wear those 6” heels that you don’t know if you will last in. They ship very quickly, they have every color you can imagine, & have adorable blue soles! These ballet flats are definitely worth every penny. The Gavrieli Foundation is also committed to empowering women entrepreneurs around the world…today $3,680,025 has been donated to this foundation.

4. Nike Flyknit 4.0 Tennis Shoes

I have an obsession with tennis shoes and I have 5 pair right now that are still in great condition. But out of all the tennis shoes I have had in the past and present…the Nike Fly Knits are by far my favorite. They are so light and flexible you barley remember that you are wearing tennis shoes. They are perfect for long walks, working out, & just running around town. They have really cute color combinations too!

5. Roman Numeral Date Necklace

I ordered this necklace after my fiancé and I set our wedding date. I get so many compliments on it and everyone asks what the numbers stand for. This is the perfect count down to our wedding day!

6. Clarisonic Mia 2

The Mia is a magic worker! Using the Clarisonic everyday has made my face clearer and softer. My make-up applies better than my skin looks healthy all the time! The Mia 2 even has a vibration alert to let you know when to switch positions on your face to get an even clean. The Mia is waterproof so it makes it super easy to wash your face while you shower & not make a huge mess by the sink! We all know it happens!

7. Tempur-Pedic Pillow

Sleep is something I truly love, there is nothing like a good nights sleep. I always enjoyed sleep and never have had a problem sleeping but after I got this Tempur-Pedic pillow…I can honestly say I have never slept better. The support and comfort this pillow provides is unmatchable.

8. Kendra Scott Jewelry Organizer

Kendra Scott has some pretty amazing pieces of jewelry…but her jewelry organizer was very well thought out. I travel A LOT and this organizer has made it so much easier to take all my favorite jewelry along with worrying about loosing anything! You can buy different sections that zip in and out of the organizer for the perfect travel accessory!

9. Bliss Body Butter

Hands down best lotion ever. Not too oily, not too sticky, smells amazing & Nordstrom sells it…so you know it’s amazing! (Lemon + Sage is my favorite scent!)

10. Chanel No 5 Perfume

I received my first bottle of Chanel as a gift when I was 16 years old. This perfume is a classic & is definitely my go-to bottle for special occasions.

We hope you enjoyed our favorite things & we hope you try them! Let us know what you think if you do! (:

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