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Bridesmaids & Dresses

Because trying to find your wedding dress isn’t hard enough….

Bridesmaid dress shopping sometimes is not the easiest process. It can be stressful, disappointing and the odds of all your bridesmaids loving the dress & feeling comfortable in it are pretty low.

Yes, your wedding day is about you & your future husband…but we have chosen these women to stand by your side during this amazing time. Giving a little extra thought and concern for them leading up to your wedding day won’t hurt anything. Deciding to do this might actually make your day a little better since all your bridesmaids (who are with you the whole day) will be excited to get dressed up and won’t be worrying about how their dress fits.

Just a couple tips & tricks to consider when choosing your bridesmaid dresses:


Most bridesmaids pay for their dress. This is pretty traditional. So when choosing a dress…obviously price is a factor. The average number of bridesmaids in a wedding is 4-6. Trying to get a price point that EVERYONE is comfortable with isn’t always easy. You want to make sure you aren’t expecting your bridesmaids to spend a ridiculous amount on a dress that lets be honest…they won’t ever wear again. But on the other hand, you don’t want to choose a really cheap dress and then have problems with them the day of the wedding. The price might be good but the quality might not. So when looking at dresses, consult with your Maid of Honor of a good price point to look/stay around. This can be helpful if the Maid of Honor has an idea of what the other girls are thinking. Don’t ever let them try on dresses without checking the price tag first. Nothing worse than falling in love with a dress that has a $500 price tag.


If you are getting married in the months of April-August in Texas…do not make your bridesmaids wear a long dress. There is nothing worse than sweating to death in the Texas heat while wearing a long formal dress. If your entire event is inside…then you can probably get by without any issues…but pictures outside alone can be pretty miserable. If you are getting married in the winter…make sure to choose a dress that your bridesmaids will not freeze in. You want them to be able to enjoy the day with you…so make sure they are comfortable and can do that!

Different Body Types

Odds are that all your bridesmaids will not be the same height and will probably not all have the same body type. You want the bridesmaids dress to flatter everyone. You want them to look great in the pictures and you want them to feel comfortable. So whenever you are looking at dresses, try to pick something that will be flattering on everyone. This might not be possible all the time but try your best. They will appreciate your trying to accommodate everyone. There are some awesome dresses that can be worn different ways; this is a great option if you are having trouble finding a good dress.


You want to make sure your bridesmaids dresses do not over power you and that they aren’t too drastic. You want them to compliment your color palette but not overtake the look and feel of the event. A darker color for fall and lighter colors for the spring and summer is a good starting point.


When choosing your dresses make sure to consider what shoes you are going to ask your bridesmaids to wear the day of the wedding. If they are wearing short dresses, do you want them all in heels? If so, make sure that the dresses won’t look too short with heels and consider the color of heels when looking at dresses. If you dresses are long, make sure you decide if your bridesmaids all have to wear heels or flats so when they try them on they can wear the appropriate shoes. You want to make sure you love the complete look.

Mix and Match Dresses

This is ALWAYS a fun and easy idea. If you are having trouble finding dresses that you think everyone will love…consider the mix and match option. Bring all the girls to the store, pick a color, and let them choose dresses in that color. You can see what they all look like on and together. This can be a lot of fun and it allows your bridesmaids to wear something they are comfortable in and love. You can also give them different color swatches and do different shades of a color. This option can make for some beautiful pictures.

At the end of the day…it is your wedding but your bridesmaids will be next to you the whole way…so make sure not to forget about their feelings and their part in the wedding day.​​

Pictures from: Pinterest

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