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College Football-It's Week 9!

Who doesn’t love football season? It's one of the BEST times of the year. NCAA football is UNPREDICTABLE…especially last year and so far this year. You never know what you are going to get on Saturdays. It keeps things fun and interesting while keeping rivalries stronger than ever.

Lets take a look at the NCAA football season.

The preseason rankings released by the Associated Press Top 25 Poll looked like this:

1. Ohio State

2. TCU

3. Alabama

4. Baylor

5. Michigan State

6. Auburn

7. Oregon

8. USC

9. Georgia

10. Florida State

11. Notre Dame

12. Clemson

13. UCLA

14. LSU

15. Arizona State

16. Georgia Tech

17. Ole Miss

18. Arkansas

19. Oklahoma

20. Wisconsin

21. Stanford

22. Arizona

23. Boise State

24. Missouri

25. Tennessee

Going into Week 9 of the season the rankings are:

1. Ohio State

2. Baylor

3. Clemson

4. LSU

5. TCU

6. Michigan State

7. Alabama

8. Stanford

9. Norte Dame

10. Iowa

11. Florida

12. Oklahoma State

13. Utah

14. Oklahoma

15. Michigan

16. Memphis

17. Florida State

18. Houston

19. Ole Miss

20. Toledo

21. Temple

22. Duke

23. Pittsburgh

24. UCLA

25. Mississippi State

It is safe to say that the rankings have changed a lot throughout the season. Looking at the Week 9 Match-Ups…not much will change come Week 10.

All ranked teams are favored to win…but like I mentioned earlier…this is college football so upsets are always going to happen. But as of now prredictions are: Oklahoma, Florida State, UCLA, Memphis, Norte Dame, Clemson, Iowa, Utah, TCU, Duke, Florida, Michigan, Stanford, Houston, & Oklahoma State will all come out with another win. Keeping them all in the Top 25 going into Week 10.

Conference wise…

Big Ten leads with 3 teams in the Top 10: 1. Ohio State 6. Michigan State 10. Iowa State Big 12 ties for second with 2 teams in the Top 10: 2. Baylor 5. TCU

SEC ties for second with 2 teams in the Top 10: 4. LSU 7. Alabama Pac-12 ties for third with 1 team in the Top 10: 8. Stanford Independent (FBS) ties for third with 1 team in the Top 10: 9. Norte Dame Atlantic Coast ties for third with 1 teamin the Top 10: 3. Clemson

Big Ten is definitely showing off their skills so far!

Heisman watch has been a fun thing to follow this season and there is no surprise that LSU’s Leonard Fournette (RB) is still leading the pack since Week 3 of this season.

Following Fournette we have:

TCU’s Trevone Boykin (QB) Baylor’s Corey Coleman (WR) Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey (RB) Florida State’s Dalvin Cook (RB)

Fournette’s toughest test will be against Alabama on November 7th in Tuscaloosa. We cannot wait to see what happens with that match-up.

This will be the second year of the College Football Playoff National Championship.

The teams playing in the national championship will be the winners of the two semifinal games (Orange Bowl 2015 & Cotton Bowl 2015).

We are super excited for the rest of the season and cannot wait to see where all these amazing teams end up in the polls.

Our office is full of Texas Tech University Red Raiders and Texas A&M University Aggies…and even though we aren’t in the Top 25, we will proudly be decked out in red or maroon on games days! Wreck ‘em & Gig ‘em

Hosting a big football party?! Or crossing your fingers that your team will make the national championship or a bowl game?! Email us today at: to place your game day orders! We do custom cups, koozies, beverage napkins, etc.

All PERFECT for your football party!

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