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10 Bachelorette Party Planning Tips

Planning a Bachelorette Party can be stressful, but not if you read the tips below first!

1. Pick the location based on what interests the bride.

Just because your other friends have had their Bachelorette Parties in Vegas doesn't mean that she has to have hers there. If she likes the water, warm weather, and laying out, then go to a resort with a killer pool. If she is more into the party scene, then plan a wild night out on the town. If she is more of a chill kinda girl, then plan a weekend of wine tasting at a few different wineries.

2. Make sure you go over the guest list with the bride-to-be.

You don't want there to already be drama whenever you forget to include someone on the list.

3. Pick a theme for the weekend.

This will make everything easier as far as decorations, favors, invitations, and outfits go. The theme can go with the location or something that interests the bride-to-be.

4. Plan ahead.

It's hard to manage a bunch of girls already, so get your planning done in advance in order to avoid extra stress. Make the reservations several weeks in advance, make itineraries for everyone so that they know what to expect, and don't forget about your transportation needs (if needed).

5. Decide on a group budget in advance.

Reach out to the other girls for their opinions and agree on what y'all want to spend for the weekend. If someone can't afford to attend all of the festivities, then they can pick and choose which events they'll be able to attend.

6. Don't forget about what the bride wants.

This is obviously very important and non-negotiable. You want the bride to be comfortable and happy the whole weekend!

7. Make sure everyone feels included.

It can always be kind of weird when different groups of friends blend together, but it's important that everyone gets along in order to not stress the bride-to-be out. There is probably going to be a cousin there too that doesn't really know anyone, so be sure to make her feel included, too!

8. Don't forget to order invitations and other fun personalized items.

Personalized beverage napkins, stadium cups, champagne flutes, koozies, banners, creaseless hair tie kits, signs, t-shirts, etc. We've got you covered...just shoot us an email ( with what you're wanting. Here is one of the fun Bachelorette Party invitations that we have done, too!

9. Snacks (and drinks) are always a good idea.

You are most likely going to be staying in a hotel, so don't forget to have a cute setup of snacks and desserts, cups, mixers, alcohol, water, etc. Everyone will thank you for this...including yourself!

10. Delegate responsibilities.

It's hard to throw planning a bachelorette party on just one person so don't feel bad asking others for help during the planning process (like designing the t-shirts, handling the invitations, coming up with the menu and picking up the food, and purchasing or setting up decor).

[Photo credit: Pinterest]

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