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The Role of the Groomsmen

So….all your crazy guy friends are now your groomsmen but to be honest they probably don’t know exactly what that entails.

We complied a list of Groomsmen Responsibilities to help with that little problem!

Before the Wedding

  • Just like the bridesmaids, groomsmen have to pay for their wedding attire.

  • Groomsmen are expected to attend all wedding festivities (engagement party, couple’s shower, bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, etc.)

  • Most of these events will include free drinks!

  • All the groomsmen should help the Best Man in planning the bachelor party.

  • You will need good food, drinks & an awesome location.

  • Groomsmen should also purchase a wedding gift. Each groomsmen can buy their own gift for the couple or if the Groom is the first one to get hitched…maybe team up together and buy one awesome wedding gift.

  • If you need to figure out how to see the Bride & Groom’s registry…call a Bridesmaid. She can help.


  • Attend Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner.

  • You don’t want to be lost during the ceremony…so this is a good time to learn what you need to know!

  • It is always a good idea for Groomsmen to think of a few great stories about the Groom and/or Bride for the rehearsal dinner. Guests love to get to know the wedding party and sharing stories is a great way to do that.

  • Maybe check to make sure the stories are rated no worse than PG-13…it is still family & children.

Wedding Day

  • You might have a little fun and team up with the Bridesmaids to surprise the Bride & Groom with a decorated Get Away Car or a decorated Honeymoon Suite!

  • If the groomsmen are in charge of ushering the guests to their seats…you will need to be aware of the Bride’s Family & Groom’s Family to make sure they are seated in the reserved spots.

  • As a groomsmen you should probably be prepared to answer questions from guests before the ceremony and at the reception. Sometimes guests don’t want to bother the Bride, Groom, or Family to ask when the Grand Exit is, directions to reception, or where the restrooms are…so just be prepared to help guests!

  • Bridesmaid will be escorted by the groomsmen…sometimes during the processional and recessional. So know who you are partnered with to walk down the aisle.

  • At the beginning of the reception, you might be introduced while entering the ballroom. Make sure not to take off your bowtie and jacket right after the ceremony.

  • Groomsmen are ALWAYS expected to be on the dance floor and keeping the party going!

  • All single Groomsmen should also be prepared to catch the Garter!

Isn’t it the easiest job in the world?!

Pictures: All MK Weddings *Cameron Slanina Photography (PIcture 1 and 2)

*Tracy Enoch Photography (Picture 3)

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