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The Role of the Bridesmaids

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time for the bride, so if her bridesmaids know what their responsibilities are, then that is only going to make the brides life that much easier! Here are the main bridesmaid roles...

Before the Wedding

  • The Maid of Honor plans and hosts the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party, with the help of the bridesmaids

  • All of the girls need to order & pay for their attire and coordinate their own alterations

  • Bridesmaids are expected to attend all wedding festivities

  • You're welcome to send wedding ideas to the bride (attire, decorations, etc)...she wants to hear your ideas but be sure to not be too pushy!

  • Keep up to date and assist the bride with wedding planning


  • Attend the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner and any other activities that are scheduled for that day (bridal luncheon, nail appointment, etc)

  • The bride will most likely want to spend the evening with her bridesmaids after the rehearsal dinner, so plan on that happening

  • This is also a time when you can make a toast or share some stories about the bride and groom

Wedding Day

  • The Maid of Honor will stay by the bride's side at all times and oversee the bridesmaids, hold onto the groom's ring during the ceremony, and holds the bride's bouquet during the ceremony

  • Keep the bride calm, cool, and collected

  • You will probably have to keep on top of the groomsmen too...especially if they are going to be escorting you down the aisle! They might just need a few friendly reminders about what they are supposed to be doing ;)

  • One of the bridesmaids main responsibilities at the reception is getting the guests out on the dance floor!

  • Be sure to greet the guests when they arrive to the reception and mingle around instead of just sitting at a wedding party table

  • Stay until the reception is over so that you can be a part of the exit and sending the bride and groom off!

Being a bridesmaid really is a lot of fun and such a special honor...just be sure you know your responsibilities so that you aren't caught of guard :)

*All photos from MK Weddings*

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