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What to Wear to Engagement Pictures!

We always have clients asking us for suggestions for their engagement pictures, so we decided that we would share some of our suggestions!

-Scarves and cardigans are always great...layering and accessories are always very appealing to the eye! Find a happy medium though with your accessories...don't go overboard because it can turn in to a distraction.

-Wear something that you are comfortable in. You will be able to tell by your body language if you aren't comfortable in what you're wearing.

-Bring multiple outfits to change in to...think complementary, dressy, and casual.

-Stay away from shirts with a low neckline.

-Look like yourselves...don't wear something that you wouldn't wear in real life. And wear something that flatters your best features. This goes with hair and makeup too.

-Don't match...unless you're wearing all black. "Coordinating" outfits and colors is fine but you don't want to be too matchy matchy.

-Stay away from shirts with big logos on them unless you're going for a personal touch (i.e. your fiancé is a pro baseball player and you're wearing a jersey).

-Keep your location in mind...stilettos in the middle of a forest might not be the best idea.

-Make sure your nails look good...either polished or natural.

-Stay away from wearing all white.

-Bring extra lipstick.

-Wear colors that look good on you!

-Stay away from wild and trendy patterns.

-If you are going to wear heels, then bring flats or flip flops to walk around in so that your feet aren't killing you.

Here are some of our favorite engagement pictures from some of our planning and paperie clients....

Photo by Swan Photography

Photo by Swan Photography

Photo by Swan Photography

Photo by Swan Photography

Photo by The Story Photography

Photo by The Story Photography

Photo by Jacqui Cole Photography

We love how this couple added a personal touch to their engagement pictures...she is a nurse (hence the scrubs) and he is a deptuty (hence the uniform) :)

We hope this makes your life easier :)

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