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You're what??

WOOHOO, he popped the question and you've got the what do you do? Before you do anything else, call your friends and family and tell them the exciting news :) After you do that, you will want to tackle these next 5 things.

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1. Hire a Planner - A planner is going to make your life so much easier and take the stress away from the very beginning of the planning process. Negotiating contracts, creating a budget, finding the ideal venue, securing vendors, design conception, customized month-by-month task list, scheduling appointments and sending reminders, handling all logistics, vendor and wedding party timeline creation, and so much more! We will be by your side throughout the whole process and will not only save you time, but will also save you money! Email to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss our packages and your wedding details.

2. Decide what time of year you want to get married - One of the first questions that you will be asked is "when's the wedding?" You don't have to decide on a specific date, but it is best to come up with something, even if it's vague...."the fall of next year", "in five months", "in the spring sometime", or "in a year and a half".

3. Make a Budget - If your parents are paying for the wedding, then you will need to sit down with them and get a "number" so that you know what you're working with. You will need to do the same thing if you and your fiance are planning on paying for it. Once you have decided on the lucky number, you can then give it to your planner so that she can create your detailed budget, based on your needs and wants.

4. Book venue/church - Venues and churches book up as far as a year out, so you will need to go ahead and start researching venues and booking tours (your planner will help you with this, too). This will also help you decide on a date, based on the venues availability.

5. Guest List - This is something that a lot of people underestimate and put off at the beginning stages of planning because they think they already know exactly how many guests they will have. It will make a huge difference once you actually put pen to paper and start writing out who you want to be there. Don't forget to ask both of your parents to create their lists, too. Once you have their lists, then you can combine them with yours and start making cuts, if needed.

We clearly love hearing engagement stories and "ring pictures" make us very happy...these are a few that we have received from clients!

We hope that this list will help you in the beginning stages of the planning process!

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