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Super Bowl Sunday Fun-Day!

Well we are closing in on another awesome year of football. Even though the football season is ending….the Super Bowl has yet to be played! Thinking about hosting a Super Bowl party? Whether it is for the Broncos, Panthers or just the commercials…Let’s do it the RIGHT way! Here are some awesome party ideas for you and your friends this year!

1. Games

Put together a Football Pool....everyone throws in $10 and the winner at the end of each quarter gets $10 and the overall winner gets the rest of the pot! Super fun way to get everyone involved in the fun!

Put together a fun bingo game....based on scores, penalties, etc. If you have divided group (Panthers vs. Broncos) make two different game boards....the winning team will have even more bragging rights!

2. Food - obviously one of the best parts about Super Bowl Sunday

Make your food based on your favorite team or do both teams!

Nachos Bars are always fun for your guests! Put together some queso and chili in the crock pot and lay out all your traditional toppings!

Finger Foods are always a hit too!

If you want to go ALL out and have a lot of time on your hands...these are VERY impressive!

3. Drinks

Easily accessible drinks are A MUST!

Throw some options in a giant cooler or wheelbarrow on your porch and let your guests help themselves!

Buy some drinks based on your TEAM!

Light Blue Gatorade - GO PANTHERS!

Orange Gatorade & Dark Blue Gatorade - GO BRONCOS!

4. Decorations

Have some fun! Promote the Super Bowl in general or your team!

5. Don't miss the halftime show!!

Coldplay, Beyonce, & Bruno Mars!

Who are you cheering for this year??


If the Broncos will be the 3rd Lombardi Trophy for the franchise!


This is the Panthers first Super Bowl...will they pull off a big W?


Well....she always wins.

Check out the predictions here!

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