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The Little Ones

Flower girls and ring bearers always make the ceremony even better. Besides being SUPER cute…. the best part about them is that they are completely unpredictable. Here a few tips on how to work with your little ones for your big day:

1. Practice, Practice, Practice! If the flower girls are throwing flower petals…. buy them some fake ones to practice with at home! This will make them feel more comfortable on the day of.

2. Eliminate Disaster Don’t have your real wedding bands on the ring bearer pillow or in the ring bearer box. You can use fake ones or just leave it without any bands. Allow the Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor to carry the real ones.

3. Sweet Treats

If your little ones are shy or hesitate on the big day to walk down the aisle…bribery works wonders. Promise them a lollipop or candy when they get to the end of the aisle. You can even give their parents the candy and have them sit on the end of the row so they can show it to them as they walk down!

4. Embrace the Unpredictable

There is nothing cuter than a flower girl who gets tired half way down the aisle and sits down… or the ring bearer who decides to sprint down the aisle as fast as he can. Embrace the little ones…it will make for WONDERFUL pictures and memories. We promise…it will not take away from your ceremony at all.

5. Be Realistic

Take into consideration the age of your little ones. Make sure your wedding planner knows that if your 2-year-old niece/nephew isn’t up to walking down the aisle when it comes time…it is okay to skip her and continue with the processional. The younger the kids…the more likely they are to decide last minute that they want nothing to do with their “job”! You would rather your niece/nephew skip their walk down the aisle then be forced down in tears.

6. Allow them to be part of the day

Include your little ones throughout the day. Let your flower girls get ready with you and the bridesmaids. Have your ring bearer go hang out with the groomsmen and throw around a football or play video games. This will help them feel more comfortable with all the events for that day and build anticipation!

7. Reception Time

If your reception is later in the evening…think about arranging transportation home for any little ones who can’t make it until 12 AM. Maybe have the grandparents or older family members take them home with them. This will allow them to enjoy the day to the fullest without getting exhausted and cranky. This will also allow their parents to enjoy the reception.

8. Comfort is Essential

Picking out the flower girl and ring bearer outfits can be so much fun. The pretty dresses and adorable little suits. But remember…the wedding day is a long day. If you have your flower girls in giant tutus maybe consider a reception outfit for them that might be a little less uncomfortable.

9. Age vs. Responsibility

If you have older flower girls and ring bearers…maybe think about giving them more responsibilities. For instance, if you have a ring bearer who is 7 years old…maybe let him pass out the programs or escort the grandmothers to their seats. Let him dress up like the groomsmen so he feels like “one of the guys” during the day. This will make his experience more memorable.

10. Designate a Grown-Up

If you have younger flower girls or ring bearers…make sure to designate a grown-up for them during the ceremony. That way…your wedding planner can tell the ring bearer before he goes down the aisle…”Go walk to your Papa and give him a big hug.” That way the little boy knows he is looking for his Papa as he walks down the aisle. That will help them focus in on their destination rather than get overwhelmed with all the unfamiliar faces looking at them.

11. Give them lots of praise

The more you praise them and make them feel accomplished and important…the more they are willing to continue! During the rehearsal…clap for them and make them feel so good about themselves. This will help during the ceremony when they remember how proud they made everyone the night before!

12. Awake, Full & Ready To Go

Make sure the flower girls and ring bearers have been fed a proper meal before the ceremony and have taken their morning naps (if needed). This will give you the best chance of having successful little ones during the ceremony. Assign their parents or a family member to make sure this is done. Also, don’t get them ready too early in the day. You want them to be ready right before pictures! The earlier you get them ready…the more exhausted they will be when their time comes!

Overall, the little ones are ALWAYS precious. No matter what happens…kids make weddings better. Even if they are crying or decide to stop half way down the aisle and lay down….who doesn’t love little tuxedos and precious flower halos?!

Pictures from: MK Weddings

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