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Vendor Spotlight- DJ Rod Baker

We are so excited about our new Vendor and Venue Spotlight blog series that we are doing! This is where we will showcase some of our favorite vendors and venues!

Our first vendor we are going showcase is one of the DJ's that we work with quite a bit, Rod Baker! Your DJ is going to be a major component to your reception...they will play music that will set the tone and create the atmosphere that you're going for (among many other things)!

DJ Rod Baker has a great personality, cares about each and every one of his clients, and is amazing at reading the crowd and getting them on the dance floor! I always know that my clients are going to be in great hands whenever I refer them to Rod!

What do you love most about what you do?

I love what I do because every couple is different. Sure, we do similar traditions from wedding to wedding. But done right, by asking enough questions, we can find out enough to tell the story. And really, that's where the fun begins. When friends and family are emotionally connected, everyone has a great time. And I love being there for that!

How far in advance should couples book their DJ?

Couples should book their DJ as soon as they can. It's important to find someone that has a great personality match with the couple's vibe. That's how you avoid the whole 'cheese' factor. When the style of your MC/DJ is similar to the couple's style, it really shows. So to get that personality match, I'd recommend as soon as they possibly can. This is not a vendor category where I'd wait too late in the process. As a frame of reference, I book 8-12 months in advance except for cold winter months.

How long have you been in the wedding industry?

I have been in the industry longer than I care to admit LOL. I dj'd my first party (a sorority party at Oklahoma State) in 1989. I dj'd my first wedding in 1992. I had no idea what I was doing, but we worked together and figured it all out (they're still married by the way!) I was part time while I worked in the 'professional ranks' until 2009. When the real estate market collapsed, I did some soul searching and realized I should be chasing my passion full time. Greatest decision I ever made. My level of success wasn't a straight line, but it's been a fun journey!

What is your part about a wedding?

Favorite part of a wedding? Hmmmm....interesting and tough question. I guess for me there's a time when you're past the traditions, and we're deep into the evening. The dance floor is full and you're "clicking" with the guests. The feeling that you "get it" and everyone is having a great time is kind of euphoric. It's hard to sleep when I get home from a reception!

Go to to get more information about Rod!

*Pictures from one of the MK Weddings that Rod was the DJ for*

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