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Questions: Booking a Videographer

Videographers really add something special to your wedding day. You always hear brides say “I wish I could go back and take it all in”. Well videographers can help capture those moments and feelings for you to enjoy for a lifetime. Pictures are wonderful…but videos capture something different. You can watch the raw emotions unfold and take yourself back to those moments. Just like photographers….there are many videographers to choose from. They all have different styles and it can be overwhelming to try and narrow down your favorites. Once you have narrowed your search down to 3-5…schedule meetings with them so you can get a feel for them in person. They will be with you throughout your entire wedding day…so you want to make sure you are comfortable around them!

So here are a few questions that might help you choose the PERFECT videographer for your wedding day:

1. How does your pricing work?

  • Videographers normally charge a flat rate for the amount of hours you are wanting. Most videographers have other items in their packages as well. These extra items can include: second shooter, same-day edit preview, short film, full-length film, entire ceremony, social media edit, love story, rehearsal dinner, etc. You want to make sure you are getting everything you want! So make sure to ask what is included in each package. Extra hours cost money…so if you are having an extra long reception, a long ceremony, or you want a lot of time before the ceremony…make sure to ask what their rate is for add-on hours.

2. Have you worked with my photographer? Do you know him/her?

  • This is a great question to ask! Your videographer and photographer will be working along side each other all day. They will both be trying to get the same “big moment” shots. You can always ask your photographer for suggestions as well if you have already booked them! If they have worked together on other weddings…they will already know how the other one works and it will allow them to do their own smoothly. If they haven’t worked together before…that is okay too! They just might chat before the wedding or shoot a few emails back and forth to connect before your big day.

3. How will the final videos be delivered? How many copies?

  • CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, USB, online download? If you have a preference you can definitely talk to them and figure out what would be best. Some packages will include multiple copies of the videos and sometimes that is an extra charge. So if you know your parents and in-laws will want their own copies…ask them how they handle that!

4. How long will the final video be?

  • We have seen final videos range from 5-20 minutes. So while you are looking online and previewing videos…take the time to notice how long their final films are! You want to make sure you are good with that amount of time.

5. How is the music selected for the video?

  • Do you (the client) choose? Do they choose? Do they send suggestions?

6. Can edits be made?

  • This can vary depending on videographers. It is good to know ahead of time if you can make any edits once you have seen the film.

7. Have you worked at my venue before?

  • If your videographer has never been to your venue before…you might ask if you can do a walk through with them or if they can do a walk through with your wedding planner. This way they can get an idea of the layout, lighting, etc.

8. When can I expect the finished product?

  • Turn around time is a big one! This can vary A LOT depending on whom you book. That could end up being a good deciding factor if you are really stumped between two.


  • You can find their videos on Facebook, their websites & most have them on Vimeo as well. My fiancé, mom and I sat down one night and casted the videos to our TV. We sat there and went through TONS of videos. We took notes about what we liked and didn’t like. This really helped us narrow down our choices.

There are some incredible videographers in DFW! We have had the pleasure of working with a lot of them. We truly appreciate their hard work and cannot thank them enough for capturing the unforgettable moments.

Here are a few videos from past MK clients:


*Videographer: Beyond

*Videographer: Chris Watson Films

*Videographer: Green Light Media Services

*Videographer: Soulbox Productions

*ALL videos are MK weddings

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