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Current Favorite Things | Part Two, Version 2 |

So it is safe to say that all my favorite things from back in 2015 are still at the top of my list. As a girl….I do stumble upon new things VERY frequently that end up being right there at the top of my list. So here are my new additions:

1. Henri Bendel Rocks Skinny Bangle

This bracelet is my go-to anytime I wear gold (which is VERY frequently). I constantly get compliments on it and questions about where I got it. It is the perfect stack bracelet too! It makes a great statement without being over the top.

2. Renewed Hope in a Jar

I am very picky about what I use on my face. I have had eczema since I was really little so I am always worried that make-up or face moisturizer will irritate my face. But this stuff is AMAZING. I am a huge fan of Philosophy products in general but I just recently tried this. It smells so good, doesn’t make my face oily, feels really light & is the perfect daily moisturizer!

3. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Yes – I own one. Yes – I love it. They are SO comfy. They keep your feet warm and are super cozy. They don’t get a lot of static cling either which is AWESOME for me because I cannot stand static. Cuddling up in this blanket with some wine is the best. Oh and I love The Little Mermaid – so if this is as close as I can get…I am okay with that.

4. Salt Lamp

These babies are perfection. Not only does it set a orange/pinkish calming glow in a room but it also has health benefits. (Yes – it is real salt…my mom licked it just to be sure!) These lamps can help improve the air quality in your home. Everyone needs one of these in their home.

5. Lush Bath Bombs

I have loved Lush products since the first time I went into their London store. Their products are so much fun and smell amazing. But, my favorite by far is the bath bombs. They have so many different fragrances and colors. They make baths so much better & smell so good! Go pick up a few…you won’t regret it.

6. Origins Clear Improvement

This Origins charcoal mask is my go-to when I feel like my face is breaking out or irritated. The mask smells really good (despite the fact that you are putting black stuff on your face!). I always put it on about 20 minutes before I shower and rinse it off when I get into the shower. After your take off this mask…your face feels so soft and looks great. I always notice a difference in how my make up goes on the next morning too.

7. Round Make Up Brushes

Speaking of putting on make up…it took my awhile to finally get the hang of using these but now that I am use to them I love them. The bristles are SO soft and they really apply make up very nicely. They offer great coverage and I feel like they make the make up look so smooth and evenly distributed. There is a slight bend in the handle when you use them too so it makes it really easy to get into creases around your nose and under your eyes.

8. Urban Decay Lipstick

I am really picky with lipstick and I like when my lipstick doesn’t come off right away and I like when it doesn’t start to clump. This lipstick is so great. They have millions of colors, it isn’t sticky, it doesn’t smell weird, it doesn’t come off right away, it doesn’t clump & it is easy to apply. I do love my Mac lipsticks too but this definitely competes.

9. Lay/N/Go Cosmo

So I happen to come across this on Pinterest one day and looked into it. I decided to purchase one since I was leaving to go on a trip a week later and it looked like a great way to store my make up. I am OBSESSED with this thing. There is a pocket for little thing or valuables as well as elastic to hold things in place. They have a bunch of different sizes too: little ones for jewelry and big ones for kid’s toys like Legos. You just pull the drawstring and it becomes a great little pouch that nothing comes out of it. It is so much easier to fit in a suitcase than the bigger bags that you don’t always fill up anyway. It also takes shape to your items so I even put my Naked palette in there and it molds to it.

10. Mint App

This app has literally saved my life. When it comes to my husband and I…we have to be on the same page with where our money is going and we like to be organized about it. So we both downloaded this awesome app. You can link ALL accounts to it (checking, savings, credit cards, etc.). It allows you to create budget and allot money to certain areas. When you log in…it updates all your recent transactions (from all accounts) and categorizes them for you so you can see where your money is going and how much you have left in certain areas for the month. Logging into all the different apps to check my accounts was sometimes harder to get an idea of where our money was being spent but Mint definitely fixed that problem. Best budgeting app ever.

We hope you enjoyed our favorite things! We love seeing posts about what new things people have tried so we figured we would share our loves as well.

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