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10 Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Love

Showing your gratitude for the people who share your special day with you is very important, so why not give them something that they will love and use?

1. Set of 4 Letterpress Coasters

Everyone loves coasters and can use them on a daily basis! Email to place an order today!

2. Donation to your favorite charity in your guests honor

This favor is bound to make everyone's hearts happy!

3. Luggage Tags

This a perfect favor for a destination wedding!

4. Hangover Kit

If you think your guests are going to be partying hard at your wedding then providing them with a hangover kit for the next morning is a brilliant idea!

5. Sunnies

Sunglasses are one of the more common wedding favors, but if your ceremony and/or reception are outside, then these will definitely come in handy for your guests!

6. Cakeballz

Our MK bride and groom both love Cakeballz, so they wanted to share that love with their guests! The personalized tag that we did makes them even better!

7. Cookies and Milk Bar

The presentation makes for really cute pictures and who doesn't love cookies and milk?

8. Whataburger

Your guests are probably going to drive thru a fast food restaurant on their way home, so why not just send them off with some instead!

9. Mug Mule Shot Glass

Aren't these the cutest little things ever? Find them on

10. Donut Bar

No explanation one will complain about this favor ;)

[photo credit: pinterest]

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