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Save the Date Etiquette

CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE ENGAGED!!! Next step: wedding planning!

Sometimes the beginning stages of wedding planning can be very overwhelming. Most brides start their journey of planning with engagement pictures and Save the Dates. There are a lot of questions surrounding Save the Dates and what the proper etiquette is.

We are here to give a little advice on frequently asked questions:

Do you have to send Save the Dates?

We highly recommend that all brides send Save the Dates. This is out of courtesy for your guests. This allows your guests enough time to plan their travel arrangements and allows them adequate time to plan around your wedding. If they are invited…odds are, you want them there! So let them all know in enough time to allow them to plan for it.

When should we send Save the Dates?

Here at MK we suggest sending your Save the Dates 6-8 months before your wedding. If you are getting married around a holiday or you are having a destination wedding…we recommend 8 months!

Do you send Save the Dates to EVERYONE?

Yes. You want to send Save the Dates to anyone you want to invite to your wedding. Even family members & wedding party attendants should be on your list. But be careful, once they are in the mail…you can’t get them back! Make sure to double-check your guest list before mailing them.

What should be Save the Dates look like?

They can be WHATEVER you want! Save the Dates are great things to have some fun with. You can make them a postcard, a puzzle, a balloon, mini-calendar, magnets, calendar stickers or a traditional picture Save the Date. They don’t have to go with the colors or theme of your wedding. Your invitation will set the tone for your wedding…so your Save the Date can be fun and creative! But we also love wedding suites that carry a certain theme across all pieces. Totally your decision.

What information should be included on the Save the Date?

Location, Date, Name of Bride & Groom and “Formal invitation to follow” is also a good thing to add! Some brides like to add their website information as well. This can be a good way to give your eager guests a little more information about your big day without them having to call you all the time!

We highly discourage putting registry information on your Save the Date.

How do you address Save the Dates?

Whole Family:

The Jones Family

Just Parents/Adults:

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Jones

Single Person:

Mr. Timothy Jones

Single person but accounting for a guest:

Mr. Timothy Jones & Guest

Any Questions? Feel free to contact us! We would love to help.

After your Save the Dates are sent…. your wedding planning will probably start to get a little more intense. This is a perfect time to bring in a wedding planner to help you with all the details to come! The Save the Dates are just the tip of the iceberg. Now it’s time to get even more excited for what is to come! Let the official countdown begin!

MK Event Boutique offers a wide variety of Save the Date options! We can do anything and everything…all you have to do is ask!

Email us at: to get started on your Save the Dates today!

*During the month of October, MK will be donating 5% of all new paperie orders placed to Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. Help us give back!

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