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8 Creative Items for Guest Welcome Bags

Welcome bags, baskets, boxes, etc. are a perfect way to welcome your out of town guests to your wedding weekend...whether they are driving 2 hours or flying across the country to see you say "I do"!

1. Weekend Itinerary- Even if you included a schedule of events insert card with your invitations, you will still want to have a printed weekend itinerary for your guests because they honestly probably didn't bring that little insert card with them. This is where you would let them know about a Welcome Cocktail Hour, Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony and Reception Times, and/or a Day After Brunch.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

2. Snacks- When you're staying in a hotel, it is always nice to have snacks! You could do something salty and sweet, something local to where you're having your wedding (like baked goods from your favorite local bakery), or just some good ole hangover snacks that your guests will be so happy to have!

3. Thank You Note- Everyone loves a handwritten thank you note and your guests will really feel special to have received one.

4. Custom Coasters- Personalized souvenirs are always a fun little memento for your guests and who doesn't love custom coasters?

Email if you would like to place an order for custom coasters!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

5. Map of the Town- A map is very helpful since your guests are coming from out of town. You can have a custom map made (we can do this for you!) or just get pamphlets from the local welcome center.

6. Bottled Water- Whether you think your guests are going to be hung over or not, bottled water is always a good idea! You can even order custom water bottles with a personalized label (we can also do these for you)!

7. Custom Wine Bottle Labels- What better way to get the party started then to give your guests a nice bottle of wine to enjoy!

Email if you would like to place an order for custom wine bottle labels!

8. Advil or Tylenol- This one isn't too creative, but it is another thing that your guests will be so happy to have handy!

Then to complete the look, just put everything in a bag, box, or basket of your choice :) We promise that your guests will appreciate this thoughtful gesture!

Photo by Jacqui Cole Photography from a MK Wedding

Email if you would like to place an order for weekend itineraries, personalized thank you notes, custom coasters, custom water bottles, or custom wine bottle labels!


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