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Wedding Paperie FAQs

The wedding paperie world can be very overwhelming for some brides…there are SO many options available and so many choices to make. Here at MK we strive to make the process as simple as possible for the bride. We wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to wedding paperie & how the process works!

Save the Dates

When should we plan to send out Save the Dates?

Save the Dates are helpful courtesies for your guests to plan ahead. We recommended sending out Save the Dates 6-8 months before your wedding. If you are having a destination wedding at a location that will be harder for people to travel to…8 months is the safest bet.

What if we don’t have our venue yet?

If you do not have your venue yet but are ready to send out Save the Dates you can always just put the general location. Ex: Dallas, TX – New Orleans, LA – Seaside, FL…that way your guests will be traveling to the closest possible area.

What information should be included?

Your Save the Dates should include…. your names, date, location & sometimes wedding website if you are using one!

Do we need to include gift registry or RSVP information?

No you do not need to include those items on your Save the Dates. Your wedding website is a wonderful place to put gift registry information. Your RSVPs will come with your invitations.

Who do we send Save the Dates to?

You want to send your Save the Dates to everyone invited to your wedding. It is best to have your entire guest list finalized before sending out Save the Dates. You don’t want to forget anyone or end up changing our mind about someone on the guest list.

Do my Save the Dates need to match my wedding invitations?

Not necessarily. Some brides love all their paperie pieces to go together with a common design…but other brides prefer to do something totally different for their Save the Dates. Since Save the Dates are not as formal…you can have fun and be creative with them!

What are cute ways to word my Save the Dates?

Save Our Date, We Are Tying The Knot, Let’s Celebrate, Future Mr. & Mrs.

Anyway that you would like to show people are you engaged! Sometimes a great engagement picture featuring your ring & the date is enough!

What are some different ideas besides picture Save the Dates?

You can always do a Save the Date without pictures…we have Save the Dates without pictures, mini calendars with date, magnets, etc. So no your Save the Dates do not have to have a picture by any means!


When should we plan to send out Invitations?

Wedding Invitations should be sent out 8-10 weeks before your wedding. If you have sent out Save the Dates you can be a little more flexible with timing since your guests will know it is coming. If you did not send out Save the Dates…10 weeks or more would be a better option.

When should we make the deadline for RSVPs?

RSVP date will depend on a few things…if you are doing assigned seating or not, when your vendors need to know & how many guests are you inviting. If you are doing a seating chart you are going to want the RSVPs to you in enough time to sit down and make that chart. If you are renting chairs, tables, linens, etc. it is easier to have your final number earlier than later. If you are having a huge wedding (175+) then you will want to get those RSVPs in earlier so that you have time to sort through them all and get your final head count. Our advice would be about 4-6 weeks before your wedding date.

Do we need to include wedding website information?

You don’t have to but if you want people to reference your website for accommodations, registry information, etc. then it is definitely a good idea. You can add a website insert card to your invitations suite or you can have a Details card with your website included on that.

If we are having an adult-only wedding…how can we make sure this is clear to our guests?

You will want to put that information on the invitation & on your website if the entire wedding is adult-only. There are many nice ways to word this when the time comes to pick your wedding invitation content.

For your invitation suite a reception card is the perfect place to do this if you are having an adult-only reception.

How do we let guests know our dress code?

You can add this information to the bottom of your invitation, on your details card &/or on your website! (Formal, Semi-Formal, Black Tie Options, Black Tie, etc.)

Where do we put the return address?

The return address will go on the back flap of your envelope. This will be addressed to whoever is receiving the RSVPs. If your planner is doing guest management for you…then the back will have their address instead of yours. (MK Event Boutique does offer this service for planning clients & paperie clients.)

What are the printing options for Invitations?

MK Event Boutique offers: flat printing, thermography, foil stamping & letterpress.

What is the cost of postage?

Most invitation suites are normal .49 cent postage. If you are having a suite that has a pocket folder, a square invitation, silk folio or a thicker paper the postage can be more expensive.

How long does it take for Invitations to be completed?

Production time depends on the printing method that the Bride chooses. Most flat printing orders can be turned around in 10-14 business days.

MK offers Stamp, Stuff & Seal…what is Stamp, Stuff & Seal?

Stuff, Stamp & Seal is a great option for the busy Bride. This simply means that MK will produce your invitations, address them, stuff them, stamp them and bring them to the post office to be handle cancelled.

Can I see a sample or proof before printing?

MK Event Boutique does digital proofs throughout the entire design process. This allows the bride to see every piece of her invitation and make changes accordingly.

Wedding Weekend Items

What information should be included on the program?

This program can include as little or as much as you want it.

Typically they include: order of ceremony, bride & groom’s name, parents names, grandparents name and everyone in the wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girls, ring bearers, etc.)

Some brides choose to put a thank you to their guests, directions to reception, fun “quizzes” about the bride and groom for guests to play before the ceremony starts, quotes, bible verses or a note honoring those family members or friends that could not be with them on the special day.

What is the difference between escort cards & place cards?

Escort cards are used to show guest to their table that they have been assigned too. They are great for bigger weddings. They eliminate a lot of confusion and shuffling of guests trying to find an open seat. (Normally placed on a table outside the reception hall. Guests pick up their name and head over to the table number on their card and pick a seat.)

Place cards are used to show guests their exact seat at the table they have been assigned too. They are great for bigger weddings and plated dinners where the guests have chosen their meat option for dinner. (Normally placed on the table at the top of the place setting. There is normally a sign outside with the guests’ names in ABC order and their corresponding table. The guests find their name on the sign, head to the table, and then they see their place card at their assigned seat.)

Do I need table numbers?

If you are doing assigned seats or assigned tables then yes. If you are not doing those, then no they are not necessary. We recommend always have at least “Reserved” signs on a few tables for family & wedding party.

Do I need dinner menus?

No if:

You have given your guests dinner options on their RSVP (Chicken, Beef, Fish) then no because each guest will be receiving a different dish

You are doing buffet or food stations (you can do buffet or station signage so guests know what each item is)

Yes if:

You are serving a meal without the guests having an option

It is a nice courtesy for your guests to know what they are being served

They are not required but they add something else special to your place setting as well. You can do individual menus on each seat or you can one menu on a stanchion in the center of the table.

There are other options for menus as well: charger clings, chalkboards, etc.

What are some other fun items I can add to my reception?

Bar Signage

Social Media Signage

Timeline of your relationship sign

Thank You notes for your guests

Candy Bar or Dessert Bar Signage

Tags for favors

Stickers for favors

Custom Water bottles

Beverage Napkins

Custom Cups



MK Event Boutique offers all these items and more!

When should we order our wedding weekend items?

Wedding weekend items need to be ready at least 1 week prior to your wedding. If you are ordering online you need to make sure they will be delivered on time. You want to start this process as early as you can...because it can be alot of content to get together! If you are ordering from a boutique like MK we will help you decided when the design process should start based on the items you are wanting. If you are using MK as your planner as well…we will bring them with us the day of your wedding so you don’t have to worry about picking them up or bringing them the day of.

Here at MK Event Boutique we try to make the designing and ordering of your custom paperie items as fun & easy as possible! MK offers flat printing, thermography, letterpress & foil stamping options for paperie. We have ready-made designs for brides to choose from as well as a custom option to start from scratch & really make your ideas come to life!

We offer complimentary consultation at our studio…we welcome any future brides to come in and talk with us about what their vision is! Email today to set up your consultation!

All Pictures: MK Paperie Items. Check out our website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for more work by MK! (, MK Event Boutique, @MKEventBoutique)



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