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MK Office Tour

I have to admit that this is a long overdue tour (we moved into our new office this past summer...aka busy season for us) of our office (down the street from our old office and still in the Design District) but we have been just a little bit busy and it kept getting pushed to the back burner!

And then if you go through that door at the back, then you see the huge warehouse portion of our will see a few couches and sitting areas, all of our rentals, where we do all of our paperie production, a kitchen, and lots more (it's a huge warehouse)! It's a warehouse though so its not as pretty as the main part of our office ;)

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our we hope you will come and see us :) And i'm also constantly making upgrades to our office, so it might even be a little bit different by then ;)

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